CD LEGION OF THE DAMNED Slaves Of The Shadow Realm (édition mediabook)

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Thrash Metal, Death Metal
Pays-Bas, 2019

1. The Widows Breed
2. Nocturnal Commando
3. Charnel Confession
4. Slaves of the Southern Cross
5. Warhounds of Hades
6. Black Banners in Flames
7. Shadow Realm of the Demonic Mind
8. Palace of Sin
9. Priest Hunt [Bonus]
10. Azazel's Crown [Bonus]
11. Dark Coronation / Outro

DVD Bonus
April 28th 2017 Dubai, United Arab Emirates (14:44)
DVD-1.1 Legion Of The Damned
DVD-1.2 Diabolist
DVD-1.3 Taste Of The Whip
January 31st 2011 Graz, PPC, Austria (18:30)
DVD-2.1 Night Of The Sabbath
DVD-2.2 Legion Of The Damned
DVD-2.3 Sharpnel Rain
DVD-2.4 Cult Of The Dead
October 22nd 2016 Canix, Lottum, The Netherlands (9:41)
DVD-3.1 Legion Of The Damned
DVD-3.2 Mountain Wolves Under A Crescent Moon
February 4th 2011 Munich, Backstage, Germany (21:56)
DVD-4.1 Night Of The Sabbath
DVD-4.2 Legion Of The Damned
DVD-4.3 Sharpnel Rain
DVD-4.4 Cult Of The Dead
DVD-4.5 Death's Head March
February 6th 2011 Tilburg, 013, The Netherlands (20:19)
DVD-5.1 Killzone
DVD-5.2 Pray And Suffer
DVD-5.3 Hand Of Darkness
DVD-5.4 Son Of The Jackal
March 2nd 2012 Leizig, Hellraiser, Germany (17:58)
DVD-6.1 Legion Of The Damned
DVD-6.2 Death's Head March
DVD-6.3 Bleed For Me
DVD-6.4 Pray And Suffer