CD AC/DC Overdriven And Uncut

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CD Interview, 2015

Réalisé autour de la sortie de l'album "Fly On The Wall"

Ce disque ne contient pas de musique.

1. Angus Young On George The Manager
2. Angus Young On Being On Stage With His Fly Open
3. Angus Young On Creating Highway To Hell
4. Angus Young On Deriving Hells Bells
5. Angus Young On AC/DC'S Image
6. Angus Young On Let There Be Rock
7. Angus Young On Playing Live
8. Angus Young On Producing Dirty Deeds
9. Angus Young On Live Recording For AC/DC In Studio
10. Angus Young On Shot Down In Flames
11. Brian Johnson & Angus Young On Shook Me All Night Long
12. Angus Young On AC/DC'S Uniqueness
13. Angus Young & Brian Johnson On Singing Back In Black
14. Angus Young On AC/DC'S Image In The Music Scene
15. Brian Johnson On Writing Songs For AC/DC
16. Angus Young On Can't Stop Rock n' Roll
17. Angus Young On Dressing As A Schoolboy
18. Angus Young On Riff For TNT
19. Angus Young On Every AC/DC Song Being Unique
20. Interview Angus Young On 1st Singer Bon Scott Lifestyle
21. Angus Young On Music At The Time Of Formation Of AC/DC
22. Angus Young On Voice Elements For AC/DC
23. Angus Young On Big Balls For AC/DC
24. Interview Brian Johnson On Playing 1St Gig With AC/DC
25. Angus Young On Safe In NY For AC/DC
26. Angus Young On Malcom's Guitar Playing
27. Angus Young On Long Way To The Top
28. New York
29. The Magic Performance
30. Outselling Pop Music
31. The Last Three Albums